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Will paste endpoints.

Choose the target robot where the coordinates will be appended to (selection-order).

Turn list:

This is a development preview of the elevator control.

* RobotControl will implicitly add a wait after the last elevation command!

Elevator list:

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Controls the blue LED's mounted on the robot's antenna-bar.

Control the Roomba's speaker:Pitch = midi note number [31..127] [49..3951]Hz 1000Hz around 83 (G,G#,A,A#,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#) * approx 6.4 and duration = midi note duration [0..255]

*ONLY for debugging!* Don't use for setting artificial states. Or don't use at all ;)
Bot won't drive back, and driving inside the dock could and probably will damage it!

The actions above are only applicable to DB. To push it to the robot, remember to do a:

Enter your w-iLab.t Emulab-accountinfo to receive a token.
When using full email, RobotControl can communicate about the status of the robots.

Click 'login' to pass your pkcs12-certificate to the www.wilab2.ilabt.iminds.be-domain so it can be validated, and a token can be generated.
If you do not have a certificate, please get one at iLabt Authority -> 'Download PKCS12 version of your certificate'. And import it in your chrome browser.

Your login-token

Beta-version. Not implemented yet.

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